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Who We Are and What We Believe:

Fostering the Family is an independent faith based non- profit that unites churches, state offices and community agencies with a sustainable plan to help relieve the foster care crisis.


Our Strategy:

Churches working together will be the answer. Live the Promise provides a promising plan to flood the foster care system with well trained and well supported foster families. If every church raised up and supported one foster family then there would be more than enough families for children in need.
1. Present a customized and sustainable Church Awareness Campaign.
2. Engineered Care Community surrounding each foster family.
3. Equip volunteers with knowledge of the needs of the foster family.
All of this occurs within the context of the church, where accountability and encouragement can be nurtured. We know that people care! The Church wants to engage, they simply need a plan! In South Carolina, Fostering the Family wants to present this sustainable and doable plan to your church. Please contact us @ [email protected]

Board Profiles:

Kim Trainer: 

a homemaker and mother of five who has been actively involved in the Lake Wylie/Clover community for the last four years. Fostering the Family was laid on
Kim’s heart more than two years ago, as she witnessed the dire need within the system
through work with other non-profits. 

Tony Trainer: 

a former local pastor now sales professional who with his wife shares a heart for the children of York County and a passion for actively addressing the need

Betsy Ruch:

a homemaker and former multiple-time foster parent who is now a Guardian Ad Litem in York County 

Bill Ruch:

a former multiple-time foster parent and warehouse manager who sees the concerns within the foster system and has worked on grass-roots efforts to support the community

Tim Matyaszek:

 a sales professional from Fort Mill who has served on several boards and brings financial expertise and desire to serve foster families to the board

 Shelly Chandler:

a consulting professional with non-profit board experience and
marketing and administration expertise, with compassion for the entire foster system

Carlton Brown:

 a local pastor who brings spiritual insight, former board membership
experience, and a heart for our community and its children

“And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me”
Matthew 18:5